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Friday, August 15, 2014

Product Review: Delallo Fine Chopped Garlic in Pure Olive Oil

When it comes to certain foodstuffs I can be something of a traditionalist. I have always felt that some culinary no-nos should not be broken:
  • Never buy fish out of the freezer section. 
  • Don't buy roe in those little glass containers. Ever. 
  • Skip the boxed mash potatoes. 
  • Only buy garlic in bulk; never buy crushed garlic in cans and jars.
But there can sometimes be exceptions.

Honestly, the only reason why I opted to try Delallo's chopped garlic is because I was in the condiments aisle (looking for giardiniera, actually) and thought, "Why not?"

I take back what I have previously said about ready-made garlic.

Look: Delallo's has packed its garlic is a lovely, stylish and convenient glass container perfect for repuroposing after you have finished the product. It is increasingly difficult to come across everyday products packaged in such  sturdy glass. That's too bad. This container has a decent seal, so I imagine it will be a great container to reuse for salsa, sauces and maybe even spices.

Texture: It's not a fine mince, which is wonderful for garlic addicts like me. I don't want my garlic to disappear in a dish. I want to be able to see those beautiful nuggets. It somehow accentuates the flavor of the dish for me.

Smell: The smell of garlic was glorious when I popped open the top. It was as though I had peeled open a garlic -- barehanded. Delallo says a half teaspoon is the equivalent to one clove of garlic. I believe it.

Flavor: Alas, this is where we lost some of the oomph. It's pre-chopped garlic folks. So, no, it does not compare 100 percent to freshly chopped garlic. Still, it is a good go if you are in a hurry or if you absentmindedly forgot to pick up fresh garlic while at the market.

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