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Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 Food Challenge: Corn

We have a wonderful Guatemalan restaurant in town, Maya Quetzal. There, you will find a delicious specialty item of rice, corn and cheese. I cannot recall the name of this dish, but it is quite popular with the locals.

I have wanted to try and replicate this item for years. I tried once before and found that the dish turned out to be less flavorful and somewhat dry. Here is my second go at it.

For the dish, I went with short grain rice -- risotto style. The last time I tried this I went with jasmine rice. That was the first mistake. Comparing the dishes, I find that a bulbous rice with a bit more starch works better with the dish.

I also used Mexican and mozzarella style cheeses along with sour cream, milk and parsley. Maya Quetzal does not use parsley, but I figured why not try it! I love parsley.

For the corn, I went with sweet corn and roasted it in the oven.

That was a first for me.

I'd never considered using the oven to cook rice. But it made little sense to fire up the charcoal grill just to cook two ears of corn. Cooking the corn in the husk at 415 degrees for about 25 minutes in the gas oven resulted in sheer perfection. I highly recommend this method.

In the end, I mixed all of the ingredients together, put them in a buttered pan and baked in the oven with additional cheese on top for about 15 minutes.

This dish is rich. Very rich! I took a few bites and found that I felt my skin was glittering. It is very flavorful and good, and the roasting of the corn turned out to be a brilliant idea. The sweet corn is a must, and the more corn the better.
I think the dish could have benefited from the addition of some grilled peppers, especially those that could add some heat. Also, I imagine that, in addition to a side dish, this would serve well in a taco or burrito or under an over easy egg.


  1. Wow might have to try this...

  2. Looks good!!!!! Could a meat be aadded?

  3. What's happened? Where have you gone? Write to me:


    I miss you.


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