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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Salmon Roe-Inspired Mini "Sushi" Bites

I have been craving sushi like I've lost my mind.

I am a huge fan of sashimi and nigiri, never the rolls. In fact, I never order the rolls. I prefer plump cuts of raw fish draped gently over a small mound of rice. My favorite cuts are salmon, mackerel, yellowtail, inari, tamago (!) and tuna. I also especially love spicy scallops.

Hum...why didn't I just use all of the Japanese names instead of code-switching between English and Japanese. Weird.


I haven't been craving those cuts lately.

What have I been craving? Salmon roe. But salmon roe is pricy, and -- in the desert -- very, very hard to find.

And I've seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi and fully recognize that I have not yet had amazing sushi just yet. I mean, come on -- when you get a flat, non-fatty piece of salmon or realize that, no, there was no way that that octopus was massaged for more than 15 minutes, you realize that you may be living either in the wrong region or the wrong continent for star sushi.

Still, I can dream, desire, want, obsess, fawn over my sushi if I like! *Note: Thank you Ma for making me read the dictionary as a child!

So what did I do here?

I sliced pieces of cucumber and gently topped them with cream cheese and a bit of mashed avaocado, which I treated with a slight sampling of soy sauce.

Then, I gently wrapped pieces of mackerel in slices of nori and placed them atop the dressed cucumber.

I then topped the nori wrap with a tiny bit of Sriracha. I also made a single cucumber topped with avocado, Sriracha and whitefish roe.

Delicious! These were great appetizers. I did find the roe a bit too-too salty, but the flavor was nice. I especially loved the mackerel wrapped in the nori. That was a fabulous idea. The cream cheese would have served well to mix with the roe, cutting the salt, instead of the avocado.

It was nothing close to getting a nice, delectable mound of salmon roe. But, in all, I was pleased with the serving, the presentation and much of the flavor.

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