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Monday, May 6, 2013

A Simple Love of Grilling

Summer is coming.

I am not a huge fan of summer months. Why? It's hot. In Arizona, combined with dry heat, it is hot enough to instantly evaporate the tears you shed because you have, yet again, failed to find covered parking despite the ubiquitous nature of the mesquite.

Oh, Arizona. 

But there are a few reasons to absolutely love the summer.

It is time for visits to see the family, to hang out by the pool and, one of my favorite pastimes, grilling up all kinds of decadent eats.

As you know, I especially love cooking for family and friends. This is one of the ultimate ways I show my care, concern, compassion, adoration and love for people.

This is especially true for grilling. Interestingly, I find that I generally grill only for close family. I think it is because of the time required and, most often, I am going to be spending a good chunk of my day with either my co-workers or my family. Too bad we don't have a grill at the office...

I especially love pork ribs. I also like to grill chicken, hot links, peppers and corn.

And how? I grew fond of gas grills because of the swift simplicity of the tool. But it breeds laziness and does not yield the deep flavor necessary. My favorite method is a slow grill with mesquite chips with the lid closed. But this is not always possible.

I don't mind using charcoal briquettes. I find that marinating the meat with liquid smoke helps to add the depth of flavor.

But no matter what the method, I love the process of grilling; of later smelling the smokiness in my hair, and seeing the smiles of family and friends when they take the first bite.

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