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Friday, May 24, 2013

2013 Food Challenge: Curry

I realize I have held a largely westernized view of curry, always assuming that curry is merely an assorted grounded out collection of spices. Always powdered. Always sharply stringent in smell and flavor.

Thank goodness for lifelong learning.

What I have since learned is that the history of curry proves to serve as yet another explain of the proliferation of imperialism and colonial power. What is curry? It is the oft-seen orange-tinted powder we westerners are prone to imagine. But that is not real curry.

The term is apparently derived from another term, kari -- a Tamil term -- which holds an entirely different meaning: sauce, not a stew served with rice. The term "curry," then, is illustrative of a centuries-old history of transcontinental trade, cultural appropriation and assimilationist practices -- a reminder of the historic, organized effort to make uniform and culturally singular whole populations of culturally, ethnically and socially diverse peoples.

"Curry" -- both its spelling and pervasive definiton in western society -- is a lump sum term that simultaneously ignores and washes away references to an important culinary tradition.

I am daftly appreciative of learning such things and wish I'd known this prior to prepping this week's challenge item.

For the challenge, I made a curry chicken salad. Having barbecued over the weekend, I used the grilled chicken leftover in the fridge. Mixing the curry with leftover coconut milk from yet another night of cooking, I added Dijon mustard, cayenne, celery, freshly chopped garlic and onions.

But something was missing.

Consulting with a friend, she recommended adding a bit of agave nectar.

Hum...what an idea.

It rounded out the flavor completely. I was so impressed.

Then, I simply mixed this vigorously for the plating and served the salad with a few slices of celery and Milton's crackers. It was a snack that turned, quite swiftly, into my evening meal.

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  1. Okay I don't get it. . You have to make me some


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