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Saturday, May 4, 2013

2013 Food Challenge: Cinnamon Sticks

This was two items turned into one challenge item and, all told, took me something like four hours to produce.

It all began with an idea to produce a low carb/no carb bread made out of seeds. I chose flax seed and sunflower seeds.

I began with the grinding, using my mortar and pestle, and goodness gracious, how did the people of yesteryear do this?! I cut myself three times during the process. Three times, folks. And I got nearly a full body workout in the process.

Could this have been easier done if I had purchased already-ground seed?


Could this have been easier if I had a coffee grinder?


But, alas, neither was the case. It took me two full hours, a lot of sweating, a lot of fits of sheer annoyance and a lot of fist pumping motivation to turn flax and sunflower seeds into what turned out to look exactly like a brown-tinted flour.


...well, not so soon.

Making a no carb, grain free bread seemed nearly impossible. How would it bind? How would it gain lift? How would it hold flavor?

I mixed four eggs with vanilla extract, coconut milk, salt, baking powder, a tiny bit of sugar and and some water. I then mixed in the "flour" very slowly, finding that the mixture was a bit too-too wet.

Oh well.

Into the oven it went at about 350 for 22 minutes. That wasn't long enough; another 10 minutes did the trick.

I loved the smell and, though the bread seemed a bit flat, was excited to taste it.

Bummer! I should have ground the flax a bit more. You could actually taste tiny flecks of seed. Ah well, despite the crunch, I was so thrilled to have made my first grain free bread!

I shaved some cinnamon and mixed it with a little bit of sugar, thinking I would make savory and sweet cauliflower tacos with leftover oxtails.

But, alas, it was a poor mixture of frozen cauliflower and too little attention to cooking that resulted in a flat and burnt "taco shell." 

I couldn't believe it! I had so looked forward to making tacos shells out of cauliflower, especially considering that a grain free diet is my way  to go these days. I will have to try this one again. I think the trick is in making sure that the cauliflower doesn't turn into a mashed potato-like texture, which was the case here.

Ah well.

Utterly frustrated, I simply sliced off a piece of bread, topped it with a slice of mozzarella and some of the fresh cinnamon mixture, heated up some leftover sweet carrots and called it a night.

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