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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Product Review: La Tauna Tortillas

La Tauna is a Tucson-grown company that specializes in vegan tortillas. Born and raised in Tucson, but the company is getting nationwide sales now. I had not heard of the company, nor did I know the tortillas were vegan, when I spotted them at the Co-Op.

Good catch, eye!

Look at them! All in their "spicy" glory. I snagged a bag and headed home.

What are they like? Think about your general non-vegan flour tortillas.They are likely to be cream-colored, buttery. pliable and soft.

But these tortillas are very, very different.

First of all, they have a clean, natural taste to them. No buttery anything going on here. Yup, they are vegan. And, secondly, being that they are whole wheat and butter-less, they are somewhat stronger than non-vegan flour tortillas. They are not hard -- no, no, no. But they don't remind you of a pillow when you touch or eat them.

Ha. Tortilla pillow.

As for the flavor -- the flavor of spice is strangely intermittent. At one moment, you're wondering, "Well, where is it?" In the next bite, you get a burst of spicy flavor. Think about eating sushi: You're going along your merry business, enjoying that luscious raw fish, when suddenly a wild speck of wasabi appears.

Yeah, these tortillas are like that.

But I do like them. Use them as you would any tortilla and take note that you are doing your body good.

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