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Monday, April 22, 2013

Product Review: Dell'Alpe Hot Giardiniera

Why have I never heard of this?

It was during a trip to Cleveland that I learned of giardiniera. Staying at a bed and breakfast, the owner made delicious toasts for breakfast that were topped with Swiss cheese and this mixture of what appeared to be red peppers and jalapenos.

I loved the spicy, slightly sweet flavor of whatever it was. Then, I forgot about it.

One day back home while browsing the condiments (something I am prone to do), I saw this jar: Dell'Alpe Hot Giardiniera.

My heart leapt into my throat.

It looked just like what was served at the Cleveland bread and breakfast. I looked at the ingredient list and description. Yes! It had to be. I placed a jar in my cart and was home-bound soon thereafter.

Once home, I toasted a slice of bread, pulled some cheese and butter out of the fridge and opened the jar.

That tale-tale smell was there. The ingredients looked the same. The appearance of being pickled also presented itself.

Could it be...

Out with a spoon from the drawer and into the jar it went. With the first taste, I was sold. This was it! I now had a name for my new obsession: Dell'Alpe Hot Giardiniera.

I am not certain that the owner used Dell'Alpe Hot Giardiniera, but what he put on the toast most certainly was giardiniera. What luck! What total and complete luck! I love the brand. The vegetables are perfectly pickled and not too salty; not too sweet. The scent is consuming. That's one of my favorite parts.

I will have to experiment with other giardiniera brands but, for now, I can at least say that I endorse Dell'Alpe Hot Giardiniera 100 percent.

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