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Monday, April 15, 2013

My Very First Brisket

I first had brisket years ago, at a traditional Passover Seder. It was my first taste of brisket.

I fell instantly in love with this cut of meat. The meat was so rich and tender, and tasted like something I had not ever experienced.

So, with brisket filling the stores for Passover 2013, I decided to buy a small one and try my hand.

My instructions were simple: Find a nice-sized brisket and be sure to marinade it for days. Don't get too fancy with the marinade. It's not that necessary. After letting it sit in the fridge for the weekend, cook it on very low heat for several hours. Then slice and serve.

Well, I went full-out fancy with it.

When I opened the packet, I found that there was this little pouch in there with the meat. I didn't realize there would be a packet. It looked beautiful. I couldn't make out all the spices, but I was sure there was coriander seeds -- whole seeds! -- and bay leaves.

"Ooh," I thought with the full body response of a Disney character. I am certain my eyes became nicely rounded and glistening when I set eyes on that packet. I imagined the amazing flavor burst it would yield! Can you just imagine! Look at the first photo alone! Doesn't that make you want to swim in it?!

...I have since learned that this was the very packet that would give the brisket a corned beef flavor. Crud! I hate the flavor of corned beef! Not to mention that adding a flavor packet goes against every culinary core in my body! Big no-no. No-no, I say!

Back to the preparation.

In addition to the non-descript flavor packet, I included fresh dill, fresh garlic, red wine and chicken broth were included. I also patted the brisket with onion powders.

This sat in the fridge Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, at which point I began cooking the brisket covered in the oven at about 275 degrees.

Cooked for about three hours, I found that this was not enough time. It had already become fragrant and, to my dismay, smelled like corned beef. Folks, I could have punched myself in the stomach!

I let the meat cook another hour and a half. It turned out quite nice. I would have done many things differently: excluded the spice pack; turned the meat several times between Friday and Sunday; cooked another hour or so for sure.

The meat was versatile, which I appreciated. I ate it alone, placed it into a wrap and found that serving it with noodles and rice would be sufficient.

So for a brisket first, I can at least smile because it was edible, and I also can laugh at my mistakes.

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