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Saturday, April 13, 2013

2013 Food Challenge: Non-Purchased Food

Have you hear about the Natural Resources Defense Council study results finding that Americans waste 40 percent of their food.

40 percent?!

Imagine purchasing a container of 20 strawberries and trashing eight of them. Buy a pound of steak and immediately toss 181 grams into the garbage. Don't even bother cooking it. Just throw it away. Or peeling an orange and chucking one of the slices.

We may not take this practice literally but, apparently, this is the equivalent of what much of us do.

This weeks' challenge item charge was to take a look inside the pantry or refrigerator and come up with a meal that utilized a food item that did not have to be purchased.

For this meal, I didn't purchase anything at all. I so wanted some fresh ginger, but nope. I decided to forgo the purchase, using what I had on hand.

Rethinking my food consumption and waste, I realize that my house is filled with food. In addition to the tons of condiments in the fridge, I had bags of rice and noodles; three eggs; cans of soup and broth; some biscuits; the fridge was full of an assortment of vegetables, some of them nearing the end of their refrigerated lives; a freezer stocked with some chicken and shrimp. A nice range of foods to pull together dozens of dishes. Dozens, folks.

This reminds me of a dear friend who lives in Santa Barbara. She and her buddies get together and have freezer parties. Love her; love the concept. Seriously amazing to find that there are folks all over the place who freeze their leftover, then come together for potlucks with the intention -- and action -- of raiding the freezer for food.

I pulled a few things together -- carrots, broccoli, broken rice, scallions, garlic and shrimp with rice wine vinegar, fish sauce and soy sauce -- to make imitation cơm tấm. I didn't come close to the fabulous Vietnamese dish, but that was no matter. What I prepared was delicious, filling and didn't cost an extra dime.

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