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Thursday, March 14, 2013

2013 Food Challenge: Mushrooms

Growing up, my mother would call every variation of mushrooms "fungus." Simple and straightforward, she spoke with such vindication when referencing what I learned later in life was, literally, a sort of fungal growth.

I revel now in the fact that my blog actually has a category label for "mushrooms."

I enjoy mushrooms. Very much. May they be served in soups, stuffed, in a salad, eaten raw, sauteed with lamb, cooked up with bean sprouts and scallions or, in this case, served with a parsley polenta.

I have limited experience cooking polenta, but I love when it is done well -- by others, often. I find that polenta reminds me of grits. And if you know me well you know that I absolutely love, love, love me some grits!

Preferably made by my mother.

Preferably with her touch of adding a bit of butter and cheese. 

Preferably when visiting my family at home. 


Back to polenta. So, yes -- polenta reminds me of grits, even though they taste quite different. For the mushrooms, I sauteed them with onions and some soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, onion powder and rice wine vinegar. 

I also added some left over carne asada to the mix at the very end as an after thought, and simply because I needed to get rid of it before it went bad. 
Good save.

Served with some toast, I loved how ultra meaty it turned out, and the polenta was an excellent accompaniment to help balance out the tremendous flavor the mushroom mixte held.

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