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Friday, February 8, 2013

My First BBQ Wings

Why are chicken wings so expensive?


You can find yourself paying nearly $10 for eight of these.

I decided to, instead, buy an $11 bag of wings and try this at home myself.

I have tried a couple of methods with this bag. No, seriously -- I have tried wings three times and still have wings in the bag.

Out of the experimentation, I find that one method works well in particular, and it involves a ton of time and broth.

This is what you do: Boil your wings on a rapid boil in broth, having added onion powder to the broth. Let the chicken cook for about 20 minutes. Do not add any salt or pepper.

Then add a tiny bit of olive oil to a roasting pan -- just enough to ensure that the wings do not stick, but not anywhere near enough to the point that you are coating the wings. You don't want to coat them with oil. That's where your BBQ sauce comes in.

After roasting them for 30 minutes or so -- maybe 40 -- on 375, start preparing your sauce. I did not make my own sauce. I used Sweet Baby Rays. I use this sauce on my ribs all the time. Love the stuff. Remember the Very, Very Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork?

Goodness, yes!

It was a brilliant idea to add the sauce to these wings.

Next step: Add enough sauce in a saucepan for the number of wings necessary, cooking the sauce on a rapid heat. Your wings will be in the pot for something like two or three minutes. No time at all, so don't go walking away from the stove! Once the sauce begins to caramelize, take the wings out, lest they begin to burn.

And there you have it, for a fraction of the price and, if you do it right, more than twice the flavor.

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  1. I know the very bag of wings you bought. I've gotten them several times. We love wings and I generally just roast them for a while until they are ready to fall off the bone. They are fun, aren't they?


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