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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lentils with Bacon

How can it be true what they say, that bacon makes everything taste better.

I am not even a huge fan of bacon. Sure, I'll have it for breakfast or if I am at a cocktail party and someone decided to get creative and dirty with the croquettes.

So, I tossed these in last minute with the lentils and it worked out well.

I cooked lentils with no fabulousness involved: boiled in a broth with onion, roasted tomatoes, garlic and the bacon then, later, garnished with cilantro.

Somehow, the bacon deepened the flavor. Because the bacon was cooked in the broth it did not have the tried and true bacon flavor, just a wonderful and wondrous smokiness that led me to melt in the moment.

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  1. If I never hear, "Bacon makes everything better," and "Who doesn't like chocolate" again on Food TV, it will be too soon. Still, I do like bacon, especially in my martini LOL.


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