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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Food Challenge: Asian Pears

Growing up in Southern California meant we had rich access to a nice range of fruits.

Oranges and apples served as the staple, but then there was -- native or not -- lychee, large luscious pears, perfectly rounded grapefruit, succulent peaches, delicious-smelling persimmons and plump strawberries.

And Asian pears.

Growing up, I was most familiar with the Bosc, Bartlett and green Anjou, but junior high and high school friends introduced me to Asian pears.

It was instantly fascinated with these little speckled pears, but found that, at times, they were too-too gritty and bitter. It didn't seem like a pear at all, looking all apple-shaped and freckled. But when I found a perfectly ripened one, I loved that it had just enough crunch and juice with a lovely light flavor.

For this week's challenge, I cooked the pears in a broth teeming with cayenne. I wanted them to taste spicy and savory. That did the trick. The cayenne was a good idea.

I had already begun roasting sweet peppers. I was going to go with Anaheims, but figured these peppers would serve as a nice counter balance to the spice.

Having stuffed the chopped and cooked pears into the peppers, I topped them with mozzarella and baked them until the cheese was melted. Served with a salad by Elle (over at The Ginger Baby Reviews), the peppers had a nice companion.

I enjoyed the flavor -- savory with a very slight hint of sweetness. I think if I made them again, I would go with a goat or a feta cheese. The mozzarella was entirely too light for this dish and did not complement the other tastes very well. I also might add a bit of cilantro or parsley to brighten the peppers.

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