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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Food Challenge: Mint Leaves

Remember the Challenge Item group that kept me busy for, like, all of 2010? Well, we've got another one started! With the start of this week, I along with my group members committed to a year-long food challenge item.

And the first choice: mint leaves.

I have been waiting so long for this very moment: that a group of female foodies (yep, a group full of ladies) would come together, bound by the love of kitchen cookery and cooking. I have wanted to feel challenged and to feel drawn to the kitchen in a warm and slightly competitive way.

*Side note: I cannot wait to see what this group will bring! It's such a diverse group of interests and palates that I am sure to learn, grow, develop and struggle through this process. Those are all the things I have wanted and needed in my connection with the kitchen.

So, back to those mint leaves.

I wasn't sure what to do. Mint leaves in the winter?! *Full disclosure: this was my challenge item. Tee hee.

I thought about making a chutney. Actually, I really wanted to make a chutney. Then I thought about a mango salsa. Then a syrup with a hint of mint. Then back to the idea about salsa.

And that is where I took it:

I began with the food processor. I removed the mint leaves from their stems and did the same with cilantro. For this, I used two small bunches of mint and a nice tear of the bunch of cilantro. I then added about five garlic cloves and five full scallions -- even the white parts.

Quick go in the food processor along with a tiny bit of water and some olive oil.

I then cooked the shrimp and prepped some roasted tomatoes with garlic. Into the tortilla it went, and there you have it.

The mint concoction was very strong. I mean, very. You see that picture up above? That was WAY too much of it! I had to halve it. But that's good! That means it will be around for some time.

What was it like? Well, very minty, but not so minty that you felt like you were biting into a York Peppermint Patty while standing on a mountain top.

No, no, no. Nothing like that.

The taste was sharp and swift. There was so much flavor and, yet, it did not linger. It paired so well with the shrimp and the tomatoes, which was unexpected and amazing. Will I make this again? Certainly, but during the warmer months.

Return for more! This is a weekly challenge on rotation, so this should be an entertaining year! 

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