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Friday, December 28, 2012

Saffron (?) Chicken and Peppers

Where was I going with this?

It's like a buffet in a pot.

So, yes, this made little sense when it was over. The flavor was good, but it was strange to toss in so many ingredients and it still turn out to be relatively light and somewhat flat.


Using saffron, peppers, fresh parsley and onions I imagined that this would taste like Caesars Palace incarnate.

I started with the chicken.

I marinated them for a short period of time in fresh lemon juice. 

I then cooked them at a high temperature for a short period of time in a pot. I wanted them to brown and then cook very slowly in a broth.

Actually, I didn't use broth for this dish. I used a pot of water saturated with all kinds of spices and herbs. I also added some onions, garlic and about one can of chunky tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce?

I suppose I was going for a stew of some sort.

I let this cook through for some time.

In the end, I tossed in some fresh parsley in hopes of adding a bit of a light flavor to what amounted to a very deep dish. With the sweet peppers, the saffron (flavor that was lost in the heaviness of the dish) and a tons of other yummy goodies, I am not sure what to call this. Good as it was, I won't be making it again -- lest by accident.

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  1. Done in true "by the seat of the pants" style. I did something similar, although less involved, last night. According to my standard clean plates from those sharing your meal is the highest form of praise. Happy New Year.


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