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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Butter Parsley New Potatoes

These were fun to make. New potatoes in red, yellow and purple.

I cannot recall having cooked new potatoes but, like any potato, the simplicity in a basic cooking method is pretty ridiculous.

All you need is some boiling water, salt and butter and you've got absolutely amazing tasting potatoes. No flash and no pizazz necessary.

Seriously. Potatoes are the VW Beetle's of the culinary world. Simple, yet sophisticated, fun and uncomplicated.

I sliced these for presentation since I was taking them to a potluck dinner. Couldn't go all crazy with the knife. I tried to make the slices nice so the potatoes would look somewhat dainty but, alas, I do not have a potato peeler.

No worries. I think the turnout was quite remarkable.

So, what did I do?

After boiling the potatoes until they were just soft -- soft enough to easily pierce them with a fork -- I roasted them at 400 for what felt like fo-eva! Goa! I thought it would only take them about 30 minutes to roast, but it took a little more than one hour for them to brown. I think this is largely because I crowded the roasting pan. My bad.

Toward the end of roasting, I heated a mass of butter in a pot then added garlic and fresh parsley. A ton of parsley. Tossed the potatoes in the pot and that was that.

You should have smelled the house! Seriously scientists, get on that technology that will allow us to transmit smells via the Internet!

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  1. I am a huge fan of parsleyed potatoes. Also, I do not believe in removing the nutritious skins from them.


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