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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Tostada -- Not a Greasy Napkin was Found

Why do I ever eat out?

No, really? Why?

It is often less expensive, more nutritious and much more interesting to cook at home. I have proven this time and time again.

Potluck with friends? Love it! There is bound to be a smorgashbord of dishes; a conglomeration of vegan, vegetarian and carnivorous delights, equipped with a mess of desserts and vegetable cuts for snacking.

Cooking for loved ones? What a treat! Oxtails cooked so long that the meat leaps from the bone. Homemade biscuits so delicious that you nearly burn your finger trying to get them fresh from the oven. Omletes large enough that you have one for breakfast and save the rest for lunch or an afternoon snack.

Eating alone? Look at all those leftovers for lunch that will cover the next two days.

And there are times like this that happen over and over. I opted to make a tostada with roasted chicken breasts and freshly cut tomatoes, diced jalapenos, lettuce, onions and cilantro along. This was served with avocado, salsa and la crema, then topped with cotija.

O. M. G.

I used My Nana's uncooked flour tortillas, baking one in the oven for about 10 minutes. I love how it plumped up and created these nice, stuff folds that, when punctured, resulted in nice pockets to hold the vegetables and other toppings.

I love how absolutely fresh everything tasted. Not a hint of grease, and not a single grease-stained napkin.

It left me feeling that I could never, ever justify ordering something like this in public ever again.

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  1. I'm catering a Mexican dinner this coming weekend. This would have been a great addition to the menu. However, it's all set to go.


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