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Friday, November 23, 2012

Product Review: Cacique Cotija

I have been eating Cacique's brand of cotija cheese for years.

It's no wonder I keep coming back.

Looking at it while it is still air locked in its container, the cotija looks rock hard. It feels that same ways; solid, rigid, tough.

But when you cut open the plastic, and begin to you tear away the cheese, it crumbles away. Only then does it become evident that this robust cheese is crumbly with a lovely texture and flavor.

Think Parmesan cheese.

It leans a bit more to the dry side, but not so dry that all the saliva draws from your mouth. It still has a lovely, flavorful yield that is both light and powerful. It melds well served atop tostadas. I think the flavor gets lost when you wrap it in, say, a burrito.

This is the kind of cheese that needs all the attention. So instead of burying it with other ingredients -- lest you use a lot of it -- try it on a bean dip, atop crackers, on corn on the cob, wrapped in a lightly buttered tortilla or all by itself.

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  1. I have yet to try any of the Cacique cheeses (in spite of the TV ads). I don't see it at my stores. I suspect it's there, just not obvious.


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