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Monday, October 15, 2012

Product Review: Spiced-Butter Sweet Potatoes

I saw these in the freezer aisle and thought, "Oooh! So taking these home."

I enjoy sweet potatoes, but I have generally had them mashed into a pie of some sort. Ever had a sweet potato pie? Goodness gracious!

...though I am having a flash back at this moment. Growing up in Los Angeles, it was common to see men dressed in suits standing on the medians of street junctions, waving these beautiful pink boxes. Inside were individual orders of bean pies. We were huge fans. It was a common ritual. We would see one of these men (Muslims; members of the Nation of Islam) with friendly faces and a newspaper of their religious order, yelling "Bean pie!" It was all part of their fundraising efforts.

My dad was a biggest fan in the family. Or, at least that's how he led on.

I loved when, pulled up to a red light, he would roll down the window, wave a few dollars and exchange a few words, then pull that pink box into the car. Being the eldest, I got to hold it sometimes.

What I have learned is that the Nation of Islam advocated for enjoying the bean pie over the sweet potato pie. This and remains part of an emphasis away from heavy American foods. Actually, now that I think about it, I enjoy bean pies more than sweet potato pies. Bean pies have a bit more complexity and are more ...I want to say dense, but that is not a good word. Bean pies hold together much better. That's what I mean!

Anyway, when I saw this bag by Archer Farms, I had to try it.

Huge disappointment.

OK, so, yes -- I should have read the description. I was mesmerized by the image and the memories of having sweet potato pies earlier in life, so I paid no attention to "spiced-butter" or the description of butter nuggets. 

Not to mention that the calorie breakdown sways too-too heavy toward the carbohydrates. Like, 70 percent of this products resides in the carbs.

It's just that the flavor wasn't very good. But the look and texture, you could tell this product was made from sweet potatoes. But it just didn't taste like potatoes. There is this strange granular feel to it, even after cooking it for 15 minutes (cooked stovetop instead of the microwave, which is one of the cooking options listed on the back).

You can taste the cinammon, but the butter tastes and looks like fake, manufactured butter. Yet it says right there on the cover that it was made using "real butter." Real butter?! How?

Sadly, I only ate about five cubes and tossed it into the trash. What a waste!

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  1. I'll bet you could make these sweet potatoes in under 30 minutes from scratch and be overwhelmed with delight. I'm sorry La Monica, but those "prove you're not a robot things" are very difficult to make out. What is the point?


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