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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jiffy-Battered Shrimp and Catfish

Yeah! It's time to make some Louisiana style catfish and shrimp! Just let me get my handy dandy Louisiana Fish Fry and let's get this party sta....

You've got to be kidding me!

Where is my Louisiana Fish Fry?

But it was right here, near the three bags of sushi rice and the mammoth-sized bag of jasmine rice.

No, it was over here, near the rarely used stash of sugar.

Oh, wait...perhaps I put it over by the rice paper wrappings and nori.

Ah! It's in the cabinet where I keep the lesser used spices!


Oops. I had to have run out of the good stuff months ago.

But, crud! I've already begun marinating the catfish and shrimp in Old Bay seasoning.


Oh top of it, I had no cornmeal in the house. But, by a fluke, I had a box of Jiffy in the pantry. I'd never used Jiffy as a seafood batter. Never even considered it. But I was desperate. Into a bowl it went with a few tablespoons of flour and some cayenne, paprika and onion powder.

Side note: Whenever using flour to bread anything, it is crucially important to not merely season the fish or meat, but to also season the flour. It helps to round out the flavor, and to ensure that the seasoning is evenly distributed.

So, yes, there I was in the kitchen, experimenting big time with this box of cornbread/muffin mix.

I don't even like cornbread! The only reason why I even had this in the house is because I made a casserole for the office a month or so ago and had the leftover box.


I beat an egg, dredged half of the shrimp and sent that into the bowl. I also had a reserve for the catfish; same process. I kept a naked bowl of shrimp to determine which process I would enjoy the best.

The verdict: Not bad! OK, so Jiffy seems to have a lot of sugar because, goodness, the shrimp was quite sweet, but perfectly flavored otherwise.

The catfish was good, but I think the fillet was simply too large because the batter-to-fish ratio was off.

Other than that, what a fantastic idea for an emergency! The shrimp came to a perfect crisp! In fact, the taste was more flavorful than the naked shrimp.

For all, I used a wok and frying oil. I find that this is more useful and results in a deeper fry than trying to use a standard skillet. The flavor was not quite like the Louisiana style, but it was worth writing home about. I told my mother and sister all about it the following day.

I may try this again, adding a bit more flour to thin out the sugar content.

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