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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Product Review: Emergen-C Super Orange

Given the impending flu season, I have to put in a plug for Emergen-C, a supplement that I have been taking for a couple of years now. I do not take it regularly -- only when I begin to feel slightly ill. It might be a mild cold. Or allergies. Or just general icky-ness. I simply add a packet of Emergen-C to a glass, add about four ounce of water, and down it in a quick series of gulps.

I do not know if it is somewhat psychological, but I tend to feel well later in the day, or the next day. No lie. It's like a magic cream, but in powder form. It's tried and true with me.

I like the Super Orange flavor the best. Granted, it tastes absolutely nothing like an orange, but closer to orange-flavored chalk. But, really, we're not drinking this for the flavor. No need to pour this into a martini glass. You will not sip, but chug. The idea is to get it into your body as quickly as possible.

But, yeah...about that flavor. I also have tried the raspberry,pink lemonade and tangerine flavors. They also make  a lemon-lime, tropical fruit and cranberry-pomegrante, among a host of others. I find that the pink lemonade is just OK. The others I have tried has been just terrible. But the Super Orange -- it's the most tolerable of them all. And it looks kind of cool when mixed with the water.

And a warning: Follow the instructions on the packet. Don't think it's a good idea to double on the dosage. Trust me, it's not. 

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