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Monday, September 3, 2012

Ms. Lovely Lox

I am very satisfied with the most recent curing process. Stephen over at The Obsessive Chef was right on -- the cure should take no more than three days. After removing the cure (a kosher salt-brown sugar combo) by washing my salmon fillets, I returned them to the fridge uncovered for a couple hours. I understand that this helps the lox to dry and to develop a certain firmness. Then, I sandwiched them against one another and covered them with a bowl and left them that way overnight.

The lox was just fantastic this morning. I love the color, texture and the flavor. I found that the saltiness that characterized the salmon my first time around was nonexistent during this turn. Also, the lox did not look like pink leather this time, but rather it appeared it was wrapped in a thin sheet of silk. The lovely oils were glistening and the flesh had a fine yield.

Preparing an afternoon snack, I opted for a few slices of lox to go with some capers, onion and half an avocado.

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  1. You are very thoughtful to mention me. I looked for a piece of salmon a couple of days ago but could only find stuff "color added." While that doesn't in and of itself bother me so much, what does bother me is that it is so unnecessary. If you were closer by we could go on a picnic and stare at some mountains while noshing thin slices of gravlax.


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