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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lamb-Stuffed Anaheim and Ancho

Anaheim and ancho (or poblano) chiles stuffed with cooked lamb atop blue or mozerella cheese -- that's what this post is made of.

I had it in my mind all afternoon that this is what I would make but, alas, after trips to three different grocery stores, I found that ground lamb was only on back order.


I decided I would just cut lamb shoulder (which was in ample supply) into bite-sized chunks. Not ideal. But there you have it. But I decided to consult the butcher, asking him if this particular cut of meat would be suitable as a mock-mince. He was a darling and offered to chop it up for me as finely as he could.

*squeals with delight*

He cut the meat as finely as he could with his best knife, doing a far superior job than I could have or might have.

Back home, I began roasting the chiles at a temperature of about 400.

I then set the lamb to marinade in a few squeezes of lemon, olive oil, brown sugar, garam masala, cumin, onion powder and a little bit of salt and pepper.

I then set to work on the base flavor -- sauteed onions, using red and sweet yellow onions, along with garlic.

Once the base was prepared, I began slowly cooking the lamb in a skillet on a very low heat. I think I let the meat cook for about 20 minutes before adding the base.

By that point, the chiles were ready to be peeled and seeded. That took no time.

Because I removed the stems of each, I had to wrap them all with a bit of twine with the filling, which in addition to the lamb included a little bit of goat cheese and mozzarella. I wasn't sure about the mozzarella, but it turned out to be a good addition. 

I returned the lot to the oven for about 15 minutes. Served with a spinach salad and some leftover pureed cauliflower that a friend gave me (I will try and replicate that and post at a later time), it was a wonderful, bountiful, flavorful meal. I especially loved the Anaheims, but the ancho had a bit more of a spicy southwestern tinge, which left me more deeply in love.

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  1. I stuffed poblanos with pulled pork last week. After blanching the peppers for about 5 minutes I seeded them but left the skins on. It was fine and saved time and effort. Isn't it odd that, with all the lamb that is grown in this country, it is so hard to find?


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