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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Banana Pudding for the Office

So, I've been doing these food challenges for the office for some time now. Actually, almost a full year.

There was the Honey-Sugar-Vanilla Based Peanut Butter Balls

Also Cornbread Dressed for Dinner .

A Bundt Full of Fists

Banana-Bread -- Eck for Me, Popular for Them

I love getting a challenge item. Sometimes I get an e-mail, or a suggestion while passing through the walkway. Sometimes, as was the case here, the idea comes over during casual talk in a staff meeting.

But, goodness me! Bananas again?

I loathe bananas, but I will not turn down a challenge item. Well, I have not yet been challenged to make s seven layer cake or an item I would have to special order from some place out of physical reach, like Bengal or Thailand. I would have to say, "Thanks, but no," to those requests.

Banana pudding came up during a recent meeting, much to the glee of a couple of co-workers.

So here goes.

I read a few recipes and found that banana pudding is something like a custard. I went with the egg yolk, sugar, vanilla extract, milk, corn starch, cinnamon, cream cheese, butter and Nilla Wafers (I remember these from childhood as my father absolutely loved them). I went with cream cheese because a co-worker mentioned that she'd heard from a friend that using cream cheese would help with consistency and flavor.

I found that this was one of those rewarding recipes, the kind where it is unbelievable that things are actually working out. It was like that from the go -- separating the egg yolks. I have never done this before. It was simple enough. I was amazed to find out rounded the yolks proved to be. With care, they did not dare run at all!

And at the end of the day, there was nary a dollop to be found.

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