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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bacon-Wrapped Catfish with Bean Sprouts

I rarely cook with bacon, and when I do, I make it memorable.

I am not sure how this crazy idea was born. I had a mad craving for catfish and, alas, had some bacon in the fridge.

 I intended to use that bacon for breakfast, but while trying to figure out how I wanted to prepare the catfish, a crazy thought appeared:

Roasted bacon-wrapped catfish.

OK -- so the process didn't turn out the way I imagined.

First, I seasoned the catfish with Old Bay seasoning and dried parsley, then gently wrapped them in bacon.

I then baked the rolls at 400 for about 14 minutes.

I found that the fish was cooked nearly through, but the bacon still looked pinkish.

In a mad dash, and without the panic, I thought of a solution. I would have to fry the rolls. 

Bleeeccchhhhtttt! I believe I have mentioned it before, but it's worth mentioning again: I cannot stand the sight or smell of bacon frying. I am not sure why, but the smell is simply terrible to me. But when it is cooked through, I find that I can enjoy bacon quite well. I feel the same with eggs, strangely.

I pulled out one of my skillets and, on the highest temperature, tried a swift-cook on the bacon.

This worked out very well, and the bacon cooked very fast, while the catfish remained somewhat soft, but seared on the ends.

Back into the oven.

I cooked the rolls for another 15 minutes or so. At that point, they were ready.

I love the flavor, but found that the roll was very heavy! Maybe I will use only one or two strips of bacon next time.

The accompaniment consisted of swift-fried bean sprouts with fresh spinach. For flavoring, I used sesame oil and a little bit of ponzu. Despite the seemingly strange mash-up, everything turned out to go quite well together.

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  1. One good thing about catfish, it can stand up to some serious cooking time. I wonder if a couple of minutes in the microwave would give the bacon a head start. Then after it cools you could wrap the fish in it. I'll give it a try sometime soon and report back.


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