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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Goodness, Jamba Juice has its smoothie-making process down!

It took me about a half hour to make myself a smoothie. Granted, there was a lot of cutting, peeling and measuring to do. And, yes, this also was my first time ever making a smoothie at home. Despite the extended time, it was well worth it.

I actually had my first Jamba Juice smoothie only about two weeks ago. My mother raves about this place. Their smoothies are fresh, filling and relatively inexpensive.

But I have not cared much for smoothies until now. I just had not seen the attraction. I always thought of smoothies as these chunky protein laden masses of flavorless gunk.

Jamba Juice proved me wrong.

On my first visit, I went for the Mega Mango. Isn't that an awesome name. Reminds me of the lottery -- but lottery winnings for the mouth.

It's a blend of mangoes, strawberries, pineapple, orange juice and something that Jamba Juice calls a juice blend. Very nice, very delicious.

But I later found out that these things are packed with carbs and sugar. Packed! Boo!

But on the bright side, they also contain a hefty amount of fiber and also Vitamins A and C.

But, really, given the carb count and sugar content, I will not be going regularly.

I opted to try these at home.

Now, I am all about the nutrition and low carbs, as I have previously discussed.

I already knew that the mere fact I was incorporating mangoes meant trouble. On the carb scale, this light, luscious fruit weighs in very heavy.

But given that I was making this for lunch, dinner and an evening snack, I let myself skimp a little.

The recipe was simple: Two mangoes, about a half cup of strawberries, about a half cup of low-fat, plain yogurt and a little bit of orange juice (I eyeballed it). I did not add any salt or sugar, but I did put in a small bit of vanilla extract.

I put all of this in the blender, then topped it off with ice. 

And what a deal! My blender actually has a "smoothie" setting.

I let this blend for about 20 seconds or so. Turned out I had to add a bit more ice and strawberries for flavor. 

I also added a fiber boost in the amount of about 1.5 tablespoons. 

The yield was insane! This produced about 24 ounces of ice cold, fruit-filled smoothie. I had an 8 ounce cup for breakfast, and another 8 ounce cup for lunch. I have a bit left over for the evening and maybe even some for breakfast tomorrow!

I like the flavor. Thank goodness for the yogurt and orange juice, which contributed to the thickness and flavor of the smoothie.

The vanilla extract also seemed a smart addition. It simply added another layer of flavor and a gentle sweetness to the lot.

In all, I'm a fan. Interestingly, the strawberry flavor did overpower the mango even before I added the extras. I went ahead and added about five more to help round out the flavor, which it did, creating a better balance. And while I wish the smoothie had been a bit more thick, it didn't matter. It became strangely thicker the longer it sat.

I can't way to play and experiment with other fruits and also vegetables.

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