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Monday, August 20, 2012

Salmon -- Five Days Later, It's Cured!

Home-cured salmon? Who would have thought it would be this easy.

But, not going to lie folks, I was distraught when I opened the package containing the fish.

The Cling Wrap was easier to remove than it was to put on, as detailed in a post last week, and as each layer slid away from the block of fish, I became all the more thrilled to see what was inside.

I imagined gorgeous flat slabs of salmon, glistening with droplets of lovely oil sitting atop the soft flesh.

Alas, I've read too many cooking magazines.

So I nearly screeched when, to my horror, I washed away the cure and found the two ugliest pieces of salmon seen in human history.

In. Human. History.

I thought I would have to write this off in the same way that I did the sad scones. Remember the sad scones?

So what did I observe?

Well, the salmon filets were curled at the ends and slightly speckled.

They looks as though the had not endured a cure, but a chemical bath instead. And they were tough to the touch. Not like leather, but not like the plushness I had expected.

I sat them on a plate and pondered: Should I try and smoke this? Bake? BBQ? Toss into a salad?

I put the salmon, uncovered, into the fridge and walked away.

Returning a bit more than one hour later, not much had change. *shaking fists to the air* But I decided to take a taste anyway.

So, yes -- salty. I cured the salmon a day or two too long. But the flavor is actually quite nice! I ate a few slices with slices of onion and found that the balance was perfect. So I won't be eating the lox with capers as expected. It holds the same saltiness that would be expected if a couple of capers had been added anyway. And, interestingly, it looks on the inside exactly how I expected it to.

Now comes the fun part! How to eat and share the lot within four or five days.


  1. Did you rinse the salmon? That will take care of a large part of the saltiness. Still, kudos for being brave enough to try this. For future reference, 3 days is plenty for the cure to work.

  2. Just re-read your post and saw that you did do a rinse job. One time I made gravlax that was way too salty and I soaked it in cold water in the fridge for an hour. That took care of the problem.


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