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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Product Review: Klinker Brick's Old Vine Zinfandel

Klinker Brick is the reason -- the very reason -- why I drink wine today.

I had the good fortune to meet Steve, the winemaker, during a trip to Lodi, California a couple of years back. I had grown very fond of zinfandels, finding that the deep, smoky oak flavor spoke to me on a level that I could not understand.

I had found the Old Vine Zinfandel on a fluke -- visiting RumRunner in search of a gift for a then-friend. I didn't drink wine at the time. Not even casually. The fellow who helped me was sweet. I told him that I needed a deep red at no more than $30, believing that a $30 bottle of wine fell to the "cheap" end for a gift. It was what I could do at the time.

But he pointed me to this lovely bottle, which was going at under $20. I thought he was trying to throw me under the bus. Less than $20 for a gift? The scandal!

However, I knew nothing about wines. So amateur was my understanding that I wasn't even aware that there was a highly vibrant wine region in the central and northern regions of California.


That was about five years ago.  I had no interest in trying the wine that night, but with urging, took a sip. Then, I was catapulted into a new dimension. No, seriously. It's true.

My whole perspective changed. I remember standing in her kitchen, staring at the floor after my first sip. I can't recall my thoughts, but I remember what I felt: It was as if my whole being had opened up. And why not. This was a brand new, uncharted world for me. At the time, I viewed wine as elitist. I could not comprehend even the culture surrounding wine, or the customs the followed.

I realized in that moment that wine was something more. It was about deep emotional connections, about sharing, about being in your senses and with yourself. About going slow and being attentive to color, flavor, taste, smell, feeling.

Until that point, I had not quite felt that way about anything I had consumed. I may have enjoyed food. I may have enjoyed drink. But it did not consume my wholeness in such a way is that small taste of Old Vine Zinfandel did. To this day, I love the nose, which is full and deep. The balance of the wine is just amazing, matched only by Klinker Brick's Old Ghost, which is absolutely amazing. Amazing!

So, when I met Steve, I felt humbled. I was meeting a skilled mastermind. A man of allure. A man of great tenacity and skill. I had many questions and listened and listened to him talk. I was surprised to find that he was such a graceful and gracious man, much like his wine. To this day, I still have his number on speed dial.

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