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Friday, August 10, 2012

Product Review: Emperor's Kitchen Organic Whole Shiitake Mushrooms

Wow. These mushrooms were pretty amazing. If you can get your hands on a bag of Emperor's Kitchen Organic Whole Shiitake Mushrooms I highly recommend them.

I found these at our local co-op. I have no memory of ever using dried mushrooms. In fact, I couldn't see the point.

But I couldn't pass these up.

I mean, goodness! Look at that lovely label. So alluring. So inviting. Bold red and orange hues. That's what got me from the start. Turning my head and taking one step back in the aisle, I noticed "USDA Organic" in bold on the front. Turning my body toward the bag, I was struck by the size and complete roundness of these gorgeous mushrooms.

There was no time for courtship. I slipped the bag into my handbasket, and we were off to explore the world of culinary delight together!

Thus far, I have used them in that fake boeuf bourguignon and the pasta-less pasta. I also tried them raw (*Note to self, and others: Never, ever do that. Ever).

The mushrooms give off such a wonderful, deep smell. Now, we've been told that mushrooms should never smell. It wasn't that kind of smell. It just smelled like, well, shiitake mushrooms. Deep, heavy and full of earth.

And when cooked, these are crazy-insane meaty. These plump heavies taste almost like a cut of beef. Seriously. I could have had an entire bowl of these mushrooms all alone, teeming in a pool of sultry broth.

Actually...I might just do that.

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  1. Not only do I have these, I'm using a few in a stir-fry tonight - a dish called "ants climbing a tree" from the Sichuan region of China. It is said that over history the Asians used dried mushrooms as/or more often than fresh because they needed to preserve them and preferred the rich flavor that comes from the dried 'shrooms.


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