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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meat and Veggie-Filled Hotdish

I had never heard of hotdish or hot dish or hottish -- I am still not sure the correct spelling or punctuation -- until a co-worker mentioned it at a staff retreat.

She is from the midwest, and has fond memories of the dish.

To me, is like a shepherd's pie without the mashed potatoes but tater tots instead.


Actually, this is now reminding me of that wonderful shepherd's pie I made a while back. That was pretty nice, but not something I choose to eat at the moment.

In fact, I didn't eat this hotdish either.

Anyway, what I gather is that the hotdish is a type of baked casserole. It's nothing like the type of casserole I grew up eating, which tended to have chicken and something like carrots and a creamed soup or pasta with ground beef -- think Hamburger Helper

Actually, we did enjoy our Hamburger Helper growing up. I can't quite recall the ones we tended to eat, but I vaguely remember a cheesy macaroni and a pasta beef of some sort.

But something changed as an adult. I lost interest in a huge way.

But something snapped once last year while walking down the aisle with Hamburger Helper box. I saw one with tuna on the cover. Tuna? Have you ever had a tuna casserole? At that point I never had, and had never heard of such a thing. I decided to check out the box and it's nutritional information. I immediate thought: "I can rock this without the insane amounts of salt." Without the box, I made it at home and nearly fell over in my chair with the first taste!

But here I am, making hotdish...or trying. As with everything that I have no experience in or knowledge of, I set out to the Internet.

A Google search yielded disparate results, and rightfully so. One think I understand about casserole dishes is that they can be just as varied as our various nationwide regions. 

I opted to go for a ground beef casserole with cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soups and a ton of vegetables. OK, that is an exaggeration. I went with corn, peas, carrots and green beans.

I then topped off this heaping mass with tater tots. I was told that there is no hotdish without the tater tots. Goodness, I cannot even remember the last time I'd purchased tater tots.

I understand that it is customary to also add shredded cheese. I went with cheddar cheese.

At work the next day, the dish was a hit. I made a pan at 9-by-13 and by the day's end there was only 1.5 servings left.

What a compliment!

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  1. I am all for this. It sounds very retro and I've been assembling a book of stuff from the 50's. This could almost go in there as is. Heck, I'd eat it.


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