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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Low Carb Brocolli Slaw Stir-Fry

When some of your favorite foods are Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes, the lifestyle shift to fewer carbs can not only be challenging, but downright aggravating.

While I no longer have the intense carb cravings that marked the first three or so weeks of the shift, I still think fondly of sushi rice, pearl rice, vermicelli, rice paper, 

Gone are the days of nigiri -- those lovely beds of rice blanketed with fresh, raw cuts of fish. Or dim sum. Oh, dim sum -- beautiful, assorted, bite-sized rice noddle rolls and rice flour wrappings full of delicious beef, pork and shrimp. Or jasmine and basmati rice, slathered with luscious curries. And what about injeri topped with spinach and cottage cheese, or doro wat with a boiled egg? 

I think I'll turn myself into a corner now.

No, but really. I am proud of this lifestyle change. It comes with tremendous discipline and high amounts of preparation around meals. Thus, when I craved stir-fry, I had to make it without the noodles or rice.

I found that bean sprouts proved to be a great substitute for the starch/carbs. And, really, I  didn't miss the carbs at all. The trick is in making sure there is a solid flavor foundation. I started with a ginger sautee with the shrimp. I also cooked an egg omelet in a little bit of butter. Mixing all the vegetables together with the protein, I included sesame oil and ponzu and sat blissfully with my bowl of yummy goodness.

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