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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Haddock and Stir-Fry Bean Sprouts

 Oooh, a culinary mashup!

Haddock and bean sprouts seem to have nothing in common. That was my thought. But do keep reading.

What would do you do when you get a couple of nice haddock fillets from the local market (Shout out to 17th Street Market -- I love you!) and have a mean craving for some sort of bean sprout salad?

You mix it up and call it a night!

That's what I did. The haddock was simple: Salt, lemon juice and a little bit of Old Bay seasoning cooked in butter.


I find that I absolutely love haddock, which is quite new to me.

It was only a couple of years ago that I had it for the first time. That was while visiting Maine. I recall at the time thinking that it tasted a bit like cod, but so much better.

Cod is fantastic, but being that I am from southern California, I had only tasted it battered and deep fried. Haddock, on the other hand, seems much more versatile and flavorful than the cod I am accustomed to having.
I cooked the haddock in a skillet, being very gentle with the fish, as it is delicate and sensitive; prone to falling to pieces if handled too roughly.

For the bean sprouts, I began with a fresh shaving of ginger.

 I also added three large garlic cloves. I cut up a green bell pepper for the mix and also some green onions.

I started with the sautee of ginger, adding the bell pepper when the ginger was beginning to think about browning.

Then I added the garlic.

As the garlic began to brown and the ginger was a nice caramel-colored tint, I added the bean sprouts. The last addition was the green onions.

I served the haddock over the bean sprouts along with a few pieces of cilantro. What a meal! It looks so simple, but it had quite a bit going on by way of flavor.

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  1. Look at you go! This seems to be a perfect summer dish. Also a healthy one. Kudos to you.


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