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Monday, August 13, 2012

Lox Attempt No. 1

Curse you Cling Wrap!

Nothing like opening a fresh box of Cling Wrap, grabbing the lip of the roll and standing there in surprise as it unexpectedly rolls across the kitchen floor, bunching itself into a monkey's fist.


After I successfully got a nearly flat spread of Cling Wrap laid out, I topped it with my cleaned pieces of salmon and proceeded to begin the curing process.

I felt I were doing a naughty deed -- drenching soft, succulent cuts of salmon in a mixture of kosher salt and brown sugar.

My first attempt at making lox at home.

Weighing in at about 1.5 pounds, the cost of the salmon was about $10.

Nice, modest price!

In town, you can order a lox lunch for nearly that exact price. But the lox typically comes with a boring bagel, a few shavings of a red onion, a small sampling of capers and three slices of tomatoes. Oh, and don't be mistaken. It's not like you get an ample mound of lox. Only about three slices.

Yep. For $8? Not today.

I felt I could do better. Tightly wrapped in Cling Wrap, pressed down with a couple cans of beans and one can of soup, and strapped down with one of my belts, I can't wait to see how this turns out in four to five days.

Tune in later this week, and wish me luck! I hope my belt doesn't disintegrate during that time.

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  1. The belt is a really great idea. And the price of the salmon? Spectacular. Just made a batch of gravlax last weekend. Love it. Please be sure to give us a report on your results.


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