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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boeuf Bourguignon, or Beef Soup?

You can always tell when an animal was treated with care.

Not only was this cut marked organic and grass-fed, but the meat was also soft and had a beautiful earthy fragrance and a non-incandescent hue.

I was set to prepare an easy beef bourguignon (I adore Julia Child, and miss her humor and wit -- thank goodness for archived footage!).

Actually, let's call this fake beef bourguignon, shall we? The only thing this dish has in common with beef bourguignon are a few comparable ingredients. 

Ah well. Some day I will prioritize the full, what, two or so hours required to make that wonderful signature dish. And what luck! Winter is coming.

For the fake version,  I used an assortment of vegetables -- bell pepper, mushrooms, onion and carrots -- along with basil and a little bit of oregano. I also used garlic and broth.

Really, there was nothing to this recipe.

I pan seared the cuts of beef, then slow cooked them in the broth for about one hour, adding the ingredients in order -- carrots and garlic first, then a bit later, the onion and bell peppers along with the herbs and lastly the mushrooms.

In the end, the beef was tender and succulent and the vegetables were wonderfully cooked. It tasted close to a stew. Yes, a bit too hot for the summer months. But it was wonderful preparing this meal, and turned out to be such a treat. 

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  1. Truly a magnificent amount of flavor I am sure. Also truly a fall or winter dish. I can wait and will check the bookmark I put here at the appropriate time.


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