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Friday, July 20, 2012

Riceless Smoked Salmon Nori Rolls

This was a perfect afternoon snack -- especially for those of us who are going the low carb and reduced carb route.

Finding that I had a mean desire to eat, I raided the fridge. What luck! I had some smoked salmon. Hum...maybe that sushi craving I've had for the last few days could be satisfied after all.

I also had some toasted sesame seeds and veggie flavored creme cheese and also some carrots. The assembly was simple.

I have never had a riceless nori or sushi roll before, and found that this method could get wildly  creative. I also considered a shrimp salad or tuna. I will have to experiment with this.

But in the future I think it will be important to splash the smoked salmon with a tiny bit of rice vinegar. The flavor that smoked salmon yields simply is not sushi-esque to me. I did add a little bit of fresh lemon juice to try and lighten the flavor, but it didn't work well enough. So, yes, I think the rice vinegar would have made a huge difference in the recipe. But, in all, very tasty.


  1. Since you are fond of smoked salmon, have you ever considered making your own gravlax? It's not exactly the same as smoked but is similar, and is easy peasy, and takes only 2 days of curing time in the fridge. Google "Ina Garten gravlax". Her method is straight-forward and is the basis for how I do it.

  2. How funny! I was just on her page last week! Great find.


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