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Monday, July 16, 2012

Product Review: Crab Paste with Bean Oil

First of all, this has got to be one of the most non-descriptive labels ever in human history. It took me a while to even figure out who manufactures the paste and the nutritional information and ingredients are in such small print.

Called Crab Paste with Bean Oil, this product is put out by the Anhing Corporation, which is based in my hometown of Los Angeles. Opening the jar, there is a strong scent of garlic and chili, but not crab, which might be a great thing. It actually is very, very fragrant, so no need to take a huge whiff of the stuff. A gentle whiff will give you the full effect.

The taste is milder than the color lends. It has a bright, almost industrial redish hue. And the taste is crab is hard to find. In fact, it tastes almost nothing like crab. Actually, what am I saying? I've had crab in Maine. This tastes nothing like crab. At all. You wouldn't even know crab was in it if a crab wasn't so prominently displayed on the jar.

But I do like the flavor. It goes very well on top of cooked rice and fried into rice. I imagine this would taste mighty fine in noddles or spring rolls as well. I still have quite to go with the jar, so I will be experimenting. But lest I come upon an amazing recipe that calls for the paste, I likely will not buy another jar in the future.


  1. Just curious - what does the ingredient list say vis-a-vis crab? I'm not surprised that fermented crab (which is what this sounds like it is) doesn't taste much like crab. It's like shrimp paste in that regard. I'd like to taste this, but not so much that I will make the long trek to an Asian market to get it.

  2. Stephen! Hello there. Good to hear from you. The container says its wild caught crab. But it's so saturated with chili paste that it's hard to tell.


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