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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mini Stuffed Mushrooms

While at the grocery story, these little "portabellinis" caught my eye. I have never heard of or seen these mushrooms before, and I find the name somewhat funny sounding. 

But there was nothing funny tasting about them.

I understand that these miniature mushrooms are in the same family as the portabello, but I wouldn't say that the taste/flavor is an unriped or immature version of portabellos.

Still, portabellinis are not as full and meaty as portabello mushrooms, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The flavor and texture are consistent enough.

Visually, it looks just like a portabello -- just sized down. The black gills seem darker, however.

I am not sure why, but the first thought I had was to stuff these. 

I set out almost immediatly to making the stuffing, even before I had put all the groceries away.

Simplicity was the key considering that I wasn't familiar with this little guys. I opted for feta cheese, artichoke hearts, scallions and tomatoes. Yea! Clearing out the fridge.

I simply sliced everything up into tiny pieces and dashed the mixture with a bit of pepper. No other seasoning was required, though I should have added a clove of garlic.

Into the oven set at 400 for 15 minutes and that was it!

They are very small, so about two to three bites per mushroom. A wonderful appetizer for future reference -- lest you are looking for a light dinner in which case I would say that three to four of these per person is ample.

So, yeah...I am not sure why one would buy these little mushrooms instead of the larger portabellos, lest you are having a cocktail party. Or placing them in a burger of some kind. Or are watching your figure. Or are trying to be cute.

I'll take suggestions.

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  1. Never seen the portabellinis. I adore mushrooms, particularly dried ones, which have a deeper, more intense flavor than fresh.


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