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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Microwave Poached Eggs

Perfectly poached eggs by microwave?

Why, yes. Indeed, it is possible. In fact, some restaurants persistently use this method.

I'd heard of people poaching eggs in the microwave but had never tried it. You see, my microwave and I don't get along. It, aggravated that I do not use it more often, sits in the shadows of one of the corners in the kitchen. Actually, the only corner in the kitchen. I, preferring it remain in that corner, believes it to be a slovenly appliance.

Yeah. It's like that.

But then came a late night craving, and it compelled me to cook eggs. I did not want to fry them. Nor bake them. I wasn't in the mood for boiled eggs. But, ah! Decadent, smooth poached eggs -- what a treat!

I turned to the microwave.

I was thoroughly impressed! I put two eggs in a bowl with about 1/2 a cup of water and covered the bowl with a saucer. In the microwave it went. I wasn't sure how long to cook it so I took a look at one minute. Then two minutes. Alas, the eggs were ready after three minutes. I let the saucer sit for about a minute. In retrospect, I should have removed the saucer because the eggs continued to cook. I then removed them with a slotted spoon, carefully placing them in a bowl. Seasoned with salt and pepper, this was a perfect dish!

And, strange...the microwave seems a little less cranky today.

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  1. Peter and I are very fond of poached eggs. I will try this technique this very weekend. (We sent our microwave to a shrink, and everything has been fine ever since.)


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