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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bun-Less Burger Wrap

The carb cravings have begun to subside but, time to time, I do find that I cannot control the desire to enjoy a couple slices of bread. Above all, I miss Milton's Multi-Grain.

It will be another 1.5 weeks before I am able to reintroduce carbs, albeit in limited amounts, so I've had to be a bit creative.

I am not burger-prone, but I've been desiring one. So I opted to make a bun-less burger at home. Using ground beef, I added a combo of Lawry's and garlic salt, onion powder, pepper, sweet onions and parsley. I simply cooked the patties in a dry skillet, adding a dab of butter toward the end.

Not bad, wrapped in romaine lettuce with cheddar, tomatoes and whole pepporcinis.

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  1. If you explained what diet you are on I missed it? Any details you can share? The burger without the bun (I rarely eat buns) appears scrumptious.


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