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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Putting Rice to Bed -- A Bed of Rice in a Seaweed Wrap

This comes to no surprise as we all know that I love -- absolutely love -- rice, rice and more rice.

That, on top -- literally -- of seaweed and you know I've lost all sense of reasoning and have found myself trapped in the allure gaze of a bed of naked rice, staring back at me from a bowl with nothing else included. 

On this particular night, I wanted something simple, easy and light.

I set a container of jasmine rice to cook with a smattering of rice vinegar and salt.

The salt addition, no matter how light, turned out to be a mistake. The rice cooker took about 20 minutes to make one cook.

Meanwhile, I set out a sheet of nori.

Really, I should have only used half of one sheet. The full sheet turned out not only to be too much, but it was a pain to try and fold it.

My mistake.

Another error: Adding the salt to the rice as it was cooking.

The Noritamago Furikake Rice Seasoning turned out have enough salt to pickle a jar of cucumbers. Unnecessary for this dish. Ah, well. Informed for next time.

I added a dash of ponzu before folding the nori over the rice. It required some sort of protein. Barbecue pork or raw salmon would have been wonderful. But, no matter, it was a nice, quick and easy meal -- yes, this was enough for a meal!

So, this is something like onigiri, though it is more like samgak kimbap, a type of Korean appetizer or snack. Perhaps a more glutenous rice would have been more appropriate than the jasmine rice. This just means that I will be experimenting at full hilt once I am able to try this out again.

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  1. I am reminded of the packets of rice inside leaves (I'm forgetting what kind) that I always ordered in my favorite Chinese place in Denver. Mmmmm. I actually have nori in the pantry. Time to give it a try.


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