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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Light, Easy Dinner

Thanks to Stephen at The Obsessive Chef for the gentle nudge. I've been away from the blog for way too long. He did a marvelous job coaxing me back.

I have still been cooking. I'll never give it up. But I find that getting on with this Ph.D. and doing other research and presentations, doing my service work, working full-time and being a family woman at times converges in a way that I am unable to prioritize the site.

But I think of it often.

And I still love, love, love being in the kitchen. 

Because of my studies, I had to keep my cooking simple. Pesto chicken with a short experiment with a tossed salad with buttermilk ranch and Parmesean and plain rice proved to be a nice, easy meal, and nutritious and filling at the same time.

But I hope the summer months will bring more time to spare, especially time for more elaborate dishes.

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  1. Oh dear, now I'm feeling a little guilty. But I'm glad you felt like a quick post. As for plain rice, I prefer white rice although Peter prefers brown. Okay, the brown is more nutritional, but, hey, I like what I like and I can get the nutrition from many other sources in the meal. So there. Continued good progress in your studies is something I am sure all your readers wish for you.


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