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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ponzo and Horseradish Meet Flounder

I wanted something light and filling. I already had flounder on hand and a load of other things -- leftover potatoes, corn, cucumber, red onions. Seemed like all this could be fashioned into a dinner.

Granted, it doesn't go together -- another culinary mashup.
The corn salad was more suitable for summer -- not for the rainy days we've been having.

The potatoes, which I had boiled in garlic salt and sprinkled with parsley, were too heavy for the delicate flounder.

And no matter what I did, the flounder -- marinated in ponzo sauce, horseradish and a few drops of sweet chili sauce and cooked in butter -- was so light I thought it might fly off of my plate.

I enjoyed my dinner, though -- and am happy to clear a few things out of the fridge. In the future, I will look up best approaches to cooking flounder for two reasons: 1. I did not realize how incredibly delicate the fish is! It is very soft with such light flavoring. 2. Even though I did not batter it or deep fry it, it still reminded me of every fishstick I have had in life. No kidding. The underlying flavor is just...it's just their. Weird.

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