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Monday, March 19, 2012

Anise-Scented Chicken and Vegetables

This was a simple, no nonsense meal – chicken and vegetables.

So, I’ve been on this peas and carrots kick for a couple of months. I buy them in bulk at my grocery store and toss them into the freezer. I have managed to get peas and carrots into about four meals this week. Yes – slightly obsessed.

With this particular recipe, I seasoned the chicken with a ton of onion powder and some garlic salt, cayenne and fresh lemon. I then browned the chicken in a heavy pot, tossed in some onions and then poured in some chicken broth, scraping the bits from the bottom of the pot for added flavor. I then added a ton of pepper and one star anise and let this cook slowly for three hours.

Toward the end of cooking, I added the peas and carrots along with some celery and let this cook for about another half hour and served it with freshly steamed rice.

In the end, I should have charred the skin because the meat softened quite a bit in the process. Or, I could have boiled it for a shorter period of time, using a fry/boil method. Or, I could have just cooked it without the skin. I’ll have do experiment quite a bit more with this in the future because it is a good dish and holds very well over night.

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  1. If only you and I could spend a weekend in the kitchen, we could make magic. I'm only doing leftovers today, but they are quality leftovers!!!


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