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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Perfect Guacamole

I hated avocados as a child. Hated them! These little green monsters had no flavor to me. On top of that, they looked funny. Of course, this was also in Los Angeles where the watery "guacamole" was a popular condiment. It wasn't guacamole, really -- just pureed avocado made to carry a minimal semblance of avocado. Guacamole on the cheap, I recall thinking. It didn't ever look edible and, frankly, didn't ever taste edible either.

Then I grew up.

When I make my guacamole now I make it with patience, love and consideration.

Yep -- three of the more necessary ingredients. What, you didn't know? Neither had I. But after have a ton of terrible guacamole and making some terrible guacamole along the way, I learned my lesson. It's all in the base.

What goes in: Tomatoes, onions, freshly pressed garlic, cilantro and lemon or lime if I am in the mood. I also add garlic salt and also pepper. 

Then gently mash in the avocados with a fork -- and nothing else -- folding the avocados gently into the mixture with a light mash. This is key, lest you want a soppy guacamole. I don't care for that type, preferring a little bit of chunk to mine.

It always turns out to be so, so popular with my party guests.

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  1. Guacamole is a highly personal thing, ain't it. Yours looks (and sounds) superb.


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