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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Lobster Biscuits Knockoff

It was about one year ago that, in speaking with my mother on the phone, she challenged me to making a batch of Red Lobster biscuits.

These are no ordinary biscuits. Red Lobster biscuits are very gently crusty with a nice, soft inner yield. I hadn't had them in a while so I could not recall the exact flavor, other than they are cheesy with a hint of garlic and a tinge of chives, perhaps.

Turns out that a whole host of people have tried to knockoff the recipe. I have tried making three batches thus far and find that the best approach is to start with Bisquick. Yes! This is much better than plain flour. Also, be sure to add the important ingredients: Garlic salt, dried parsley and Old Bay seasoning along with extra sharp cheddar cheese. 

You'll also need a decent amount of butter. But, guess what -- no chives required.

Big oops: The last time I was making these, my mother warned me that I was putting the biscuits in the pan too close together. "You're going to get one big biscuit," she warned me. Unscathed, I went ahead and kept adding them way too close. This is what I get:

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  1. I wonder what using some Crisco would bring to the party?


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