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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Panko-Crusted Tuna Patties

Happy New Year!!!

Ok -- this is not a New Year's dish.

But for this recipe, you will need: Panko. Louisiana fish-fry seasoning. Tuna. Corn. Eggs. Red Onions. Shrimp. Herbs completely of your choosing.

These ingredients together make some delicious tuna cakes. Can you believe it?

To be honest, this was a total fluke.

It was one of those nights when I was feeling less inclined to cook. I didn't go to the grocery store, so I had to cook whatever was on hand.

I had never made tuna cakes, or even crab cakes before. The nearest I came was that one time I made that very strange crab mixture for my Praise for Polenta dish. Remember that one?

But I do not call it inexperience. I call it a challenge.

The recipe was quite simple. I swiftly cooked the shrimp with lime and some salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, I mashed together the tuna, panko, Louisiana fish-fry and eggs until I got a decent consistency.

I then mixed in the red onions (honestly, the only reason I added  red onions was because I was out of yellow onions. Ahhh, improvisation). I also chopped up the shrimp for the mix. 

I then formed little patties and fried these in oil. After placing them in the oil, I have to tell you -- I was worried they would not amount to anything interesting.

They're just funny looking. Pinkish. Bulbous. Speckled with the red onions included. They looked to me like food from another planet. But I kept my confidence. I figured if these didn't work out, I would eat them with a grimmace and add this post to the Oops files.

But they came out quite well. In the end, I think I would have added a bit more pepper and some cayenne, perhaps. These tuna cakes definitely needed a little bit of spice -- and maybe a bit more crunch. So more panko, I suppose.

I served them with a side salad topped with corn and tomatoes and Brianna's salad dressing. It was a nice complement, actually. In all, the flavors melded quite well. 


  1. I'm assuming the shrimp went into the cakes? The tuna? In oil, in water? Bravo to you for the improv.

  2. One more thing - is the seasoning anything like Old Bay?


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