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Saturday, January 21, 2012

HoneyBaked Ham's Twin Sister

What an improvement. The last time, which was the first time, I tried to knockoff the HoneyBaked Ham it turned out well. Good. Decent. But, this time around -- whoa! What an improvement.

The key, folks: Make sure you have a decent sized spiral ham. Don't skimp and buy the canned ham. Ever. It simply won't do you justice, and you'll be cursing with your fists in the air come dinner time.

So, got that -- spiral ham. Next, while at the grocery store, make sure to drop by on the juice aisle and grab some orange juice and pear nectar. Not pear juice, pear nectar. Trust me, I'll be happy for it later.

Combine the juices in a container, making sure you have equal parts. Hold onto the pineapples and the pineapple juice for later. You will want to pour the orange juice and pear nectar juices in the pan with the ham. Make sure the juices get all up in there. Gently peel back the folds, pouring the juice inside several times. And make sure you have a decent amount sitting in the bottom of the pan as well.

Now comes the hard part. I don't care if you need to pitch a tent in the kitchen or get some lounge chairs in there, just be sure to stay near the stove. You will want to baste the ham every 10 to 15 minutes or so throughout the duration of it cooking. Trust me!

Toward the end (you should be following the regular cooking instructions), take out the ham, baste it again adding a little bit of the pineapple juice, then add a ton of honey to the top and between the spiral cuts. Seriously, don't go skimpy on the honey. Next, add a good sample of brown sugar. Remember, you want this to taste sweet and to be crispy. Lastly, top the ham with your pineapple slices or just put them in the pan. 

Return the ham to the oven and broil it until the sugar is caramelized. This is my new tried and true method. Now, when my dad is impressed, I know I'm doing something. 


  1. What an amazing recipe! Peter and I would have to have all our relatives over in order to get the ham eaten. I don't see an oven temperature.

  2. Thanks! For temperature, follow the instictions on the ham you choose to purchase.


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