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Friday, February 4, 2011

Lazy Tuna Tower

Really, there is no reason to be lazy when it comes to making a tuna tower. This dish is so very, very easy to make -- all in the raw.

But here we go -- a simplified version.

The original recipe requires that you mix certain ingredients at certain times, then neatly stack the mixtures atop one another to make an aestetically pleasing, healthy and delicious meal.

But sometimes, I am in no mood.

This turned out to be a good try. I chopped, sliced and diced the usual suspects:

Ahi tuna

Green onions

I also pulled out the black and white sesame seeds and mixed some soy sauce and sesame oil together.

The assembly was quite simple: I plated the mashed up avocado first, placing it at the center of the bowl. I topped this with daikon and cucumber. I then added the tuna, which already had some ginger mixed in. I then added a little bit of ginger shavings on top. I topped this with the green onions, then sprinkled on some sesame seeds. Next, I gently poured the soy mixture around the plate. And there you have it -- a lazy tuna tower.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SAVEUR: The Grand Lobster Fest

...OK, that title just may be an overstatement.

After all, there were only two lobsters to be had.

But, goodness, was it a treat.

Nancy and I have been talking for some time about cooking lobster at home.

Ever since trying fresh lobster for the first time while visiting Nancy and her family in Maine during the summer of 2010, I have been anxious to have fresh lobster again.

But so, so intimidated.

It was during a late night conversation this week that we decided to revisit the idea. And I came home earlier this week to find that Nancy had purchased two nice-sized lobster.

Nancy did all the work -- can you believe it? Yep, I served as her sous chef, taking commands as she moved easily through the kitchen.

Impressive, I know!

Nancy told me that she and her family would have lobster from time to time growing up, but that it wasn't something her parents would cook at home.

When they had lobster, it intended to be at restaurants in her hometown, the types of restaurants that overlooked the ocean inlets and the fishermen and women coming in from a hard day's work carrying a new lot every time.

She worked like a champ, as though this were in her natural code.

She baked the potatoes and prepped for the lobsters. I stopped by the market to buy some side salads and a Chardonnay. When I got home, she set to work preparing the lobster.

It did not take long at all to get the meal ready for dinner. Nancy cooked the lobster for about 10 minutes and had already spent an hour cooking the potatoes. So, we simply plated everything and sat down to do the heavy lifting required to get to the smooth, soft, flavorful lobster meat.

Yes, the experience was somewhat disturbing. I have never actually killed an animal or crustacean that I then ate. I did say a little prayer and give thanks to the lobsters.

And while this was meant to count for the January Saveur cover challenge, I realize that it is crayfish, not lobster, on the cover. Bummer.

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