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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Making Eggs -- a New Method

OK -- in all honesty, I am not certain this is a new method. It likely is not. But it is new to me.

I love baked eggs. Love them. But we don't have all day.

I also love poached eggs. But, incidentally a contradiction exists -- I do not like runny eggs. Yes, I understand this makes zero sense at all. And yet, there you have it.

I wondered: Could I meld the two concepts -- a poaching process to mimic cooking eggs in the oven, but with less the wait?

Yes, yes you can.

I took out a trusty ramekin, lined it with butter, then added my eggs. I added salt, pepper and green onions, topped the eggs with a little bit of cheese, then placed the ramekin in a pot of boiling water.

If you opt to do this, be forewarned: Make sure there is not so much water in the pot that you return to find your ramekin topped off with hot water, leaving you purely frustrated because you are now wondering if this will fiddle with the flavor at all. Then you have to fish for a wide spoon to collect the boiling water from the ramekin, being sure not to scoop out the melting cheese and still soft egg. And what do you know! You see seasoning in the spoon of water -- seasoning you carefully added prior carefully placing the ramekin in the water. Now you are even more frustrated with yourself, wondering if you should add more salt and pepper. Annoyed, you decide against it.


All that to say, yes, the eggs turned out nicely. By a miracle! Fancy that. I cut up a tomato and served this with a slice of bread. In all, a nice meal. But, yeah, the water threw the flavor off a bit. Ah well -- lesson learned.


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